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About us:

We are Terry and Angie Bullen, and we steward Feed the Earth Farms.

Fifteen years ago, our journey into pastured-based, nutrient-dense foods began when Terry was diagnosed with a severe case of Crohn's disease. After the (gastroenterologist) doctor prescribed all of the medications he could, he instructed us to seek out nutrient-rich foods to nourish the body and promote its ability to heal. He specifically directed Angie to make bone broth weekly, and he emphasized the importance of pastured meats, if we could get them. That led Angie into researching ways to unlock the nutrition in our food (e.g., bean sprouting) as well as which foods were nutritionally superior.

In her research, the nutritional benefits of pastured meats, was once again brought into focus, and when we tried pastured chicken for the first time, we were impressed. The difference between traditional “grocery store” (confinement house) chicken and pasture-raised chicken was startling! The taste was noticeably different: the meat and the broth from the pastured chickens were richer in flavor that that from the confinement house chickens. Even the fat that rose to the top of the broth, when chilled, was noticeably different:  the fat from store bought chicken was hard and white (saturated fats), but the fat from pastured chickens was soft (unsaturated fats) and had some color to it.

As we read more about pasture-based meats and rotational grazing, we caught the vision of running our own farm and raising quality, nutrient-dense foods for our family as well as for others. In 2017, we bought an old farm and began the process of rebuilding the house as well as building up the soil through managed intensive rotational grazing (MIRG) practices. Though we had educated ourselves extensively through books and videos on regenerative farming, those learning tools were no replacement for hands-on experience.  As we have expanded our farming endeavors to include better than free range eggs and fresh mushrooms, we have continued to learn, both through the pains and joys of caring for our land and our livestock.

Today we are continuing the journey, seeking to learn more ways to work with nature to ensure that we, our family, friends, animals, and plants, live the healthiest, most fulfilling lives and love life to the fullest! We invite you to join us on our journey, pursuing optimal health through delicious, nutritious foods.

All the Best,

Terry & Angie Bullen

Feed the Earth Farms

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